Fitness Classes
We make staying active easy with various fitness classes throughout the year. Certified instructors help you work-out safely and effectively. All fitness classes are $5 per session. If you are not sure what you will like, attend our Health & Fitness Fair that we host twice a year and try out a class for free!

Yin/Restorative Yoga

This class is practiced completely seated on the mat. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. The postures are supported by using bolsters and blocks that promote deep relaxation and rejuvenate the nervous system. Postures are held for 3 to 5 min. Great for all levels.

Slow Flow/Deep Stretch Yoga

A vinyasa flow style class with a slower pace. Slowing down the flow can help you maintain control of your breath, build strength, and intensify your practice. True to its name, SFDS is a smooth linking of unhurried breath with movement, intensified by mindfully holding postures for several breaths, awakening your body and clearing your mind. Explore the details of each posture at a comfortable pace to allow your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in a strength‐building pose. Good for all levels.

Hatha Yoga

Traditional yoga postures are practiced with an emphasis on accurate alignment & pairing movement with breath. Great for core strength, mobility, balance and breath control. There is no “vinyasa flow” (up and down chaturanga) in this class. Great for all levels.


Offered multiple times throughout the week, this fun class combines high and low-intensity dance moves to get a higher heart rate and boost cardio endurance. Health benefits include a lower risk of heart disease, reduction in blood pressure and a boost in your good cholesterol. Dance and groove at your own speed!

Aqua Fitness

Aqua Zumba, Water Aerobics
This Spring and Summer workout is great for those looking to have fun and cool off in our Junior Olympic-sized pool. Aqua Zumba blends Zumba with water resistance, allowing for less impact on your joints. Water Aerobics typically uses water weights or noodles, focusing on resistance training. This is definitely one pool party you don’t want to miss!

Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt is a total body workout class that uses a variety of equipment, with options for different abilities, with an extra emphasis on core muscles. If you are looking for a class that challenges the entire body but is still fun and entertaining, then this is the class for you! All fitness levels welcome.