Dog Park
The residents of The Haven at New Riverside love their furry four-legged friends! Our beautiful dog park boasts a half acre of rolling hills and grass that any dog is sure to want to roam! Complete with tunnels, a water station, and benches for you to relax while our furry companions have fun.
Hours for small dogs (under 35lbs): 9am-10am                    
Hours for large dogs (over 35lbs): 10am-11am
Dog Park Rules
  • Dogs must wear tags showing proof of inoculations.
  • Owners must be with their pet at all times.
  • Clean-up after dogs is REQUIRED.
  • Dogs that are sick, aggressive, in-heat females, or have not been inoculated are not permitted in the dog park.
  • When entering the dog park, leash your dog until it is safely inside and return it to leash upon exiting.
  • Always keep a watchful eye on your dog and maintain voice control to prevent any incidents.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • When in the dog park, leash your dog whenever you sense problems.
  • You are completely responsible for all injuries and damage caused by your dog.
  • Do not let dogs dig holes. If they do, fill them in immediately.
  • Keep food out of the enclosure. Dogs may become overly aggressive or protective in the presence of food.
  • Access to the dog park may be restricted during special events. If so, a notice will be posted.
  • Except for a visit to the dog park, dogs must be leashed and in control by the owner at all times. Owners must not allow dogs to soil private property and must remove all waste from roads and common areas.