Chartered Clubs
Chartered Clubs are sponsored by The Haven at New Riverside Homeowners Association, to provide an opportunity for all Association members to pursue common interests in hobbies, recreational, social, and cultural endeavors. Chartered Clubs are the nucleus of the Association's lifestyle program and they provide both structure and impetus to that element.  If you are interested in starting a new Chartered Club at The Haven, please review the Chartered Club Operating Manual and submit the application to the Lifestyle Director for approval.
Currently, there are 17 Chartered Clubs at The Haven at New Riverside. Browse through each Chartered Club tab if you would like to learn more. 


Club Officers
President: Stuart Gauld     
VP/Secretary: John Conopeotis                             
Treasurer: John DePalma
Click here for the Billiards Table Rules.


Club Officers
President: Carl Lozito
Vice President: Sandy Lozito
Treasurer: Steve Cline 
Secretary: Terri Hall


Club Officers
President: Trudy Gutowski
Vice President: Jane Mutchler
Treasurer/Secretary: Ian Davies


Club Officers
President: Deborah Johnston
Vice President: Linda Middleton
Treasurer: Karla Ward
Secretary: Sharon Savastano


Club Officers
President: Jackie Schutt
Vice President: Maria Lucas
Secretary/Treasurer: Janice Sanders 


Club Officers
President: J.T. Coyne
Vice President: Jack McGrath
Treasurer: Norm GOldberg
Secretary: Gary Sheehan
Past Champion Gary Sheehan (Right) and Club President J.T. Coyne (Left) present the 2022 Club Championship Trophy to Steve Cline at their Annual Meeting in December 2022.
More photos from the Annual Meeting

Grapes R Us (Wine Club)

Club Officers
President: John Reaves
Vice President: Don Roberson
Treasurer: Norman Goldberg
Secretary: Barbara Colombo
Member Relations Officer: Lorrainne Howerton
Questions? Contact John Reaves at or Lorraine Howerton at

Hand and Foot (Cards)

Club Officers
President: Deb Johnston
Vice President: Tom Johnston 
Treasurer: Shirley Mustunis
Secretary: Carey Long

Haven Helping Hands (Philanthropy)

Club Officers
President: Ronnie Reaves
Vice President: Tom Johnston
Treasurer: Debra Rohrer
Secretary: Deb McGrath
Contact Club for Upcoming Activities.

House of Cards

Club Officers
President: Susan Maier
Treasurer: Debbie Shanahan
Secretary: Jane Mutchler

Mah Jongg

Club Officers
President: Mary Edleson
Vice President: Kathy Weitzel
Treasurer: Dena Sztukowski
Secretary: Arna Ciampa
Meets Mondays at 1pm.

Men's Pickleball

Club Officers
President: Fran Romano
Vice President: Bruce Frick
Treasurer: Jim Shanahan
Secretary: Cliff Dixon
Meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8:00am - 10:30am. Mixed Doubles Sunday 11am-1pm.

Ping Pong Club

Club Officers
President: Jerry Barnes
Vice President: David Middleton
Treasurer: Fran Romano
Secretary: Cathy Barnes
We meet every Wednesday from 2-4 pm.
Sneakers are Club recommended ~  $10 a year to join in the fun!


Club Officers
President: Brice Awalt
Vice President: Carl Lozito
Treasurer: John Conopeotis
Secretary: Denise Hurd


Club Officers
President: Pat Hoffman
Vice President: Dale Morin
Treasurer: Jan Groh
Secretary: Pam LaMonica
Stamping Club Membership forms located in the club binder. 
Class instructor offers classes the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
Club Workshop is the 4th Wednesday of every month.


Club Officers
President: Leanne Scire
Vice President: Mark Goldenfield 
Treasurer: John Witte
Secretary: Joanna Fuller 
Tennis Club Information

Tennis Club Member Profile
Men meet Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday 9:00am (Oct 1 to Apr 30) and 8:00 am (May 1 to Sep 30).
Women meet Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am (Oct 1 to Apr 30) and 8:00 am (May 1 to Sep 30).
Mixed meet Monday 9:00am (Oct 1 to Apr 30) and 8:00 am (May 1 to Sep 30).

Women's Pickleball

Club Officers
President: Patsy Wilband
Vice President: Janet Arthur
Treasurer: Marcia Goldberg
Secretary: Jocelyn Beyeler
Questions? Contact Patsy Wilband at
Club Request Form
This Request Form is to be utilized in place of any verbal or email communication to the BOD or Lifestyle Director and is mandatory for the request/concern to be addressed. This form can be printed and delivered to the front desk or emailed to
To request your own page to publicize club events please click here